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What The Press is Saying...
“Luciano delights his listeners with an impressive variety of musical styles, from classic Bossa nova, to folk and jazz. Truly multi-talented, he sings in Brazilian Portuguese, English and French, and accompanies himself on guitar and accordion. Lu’s versatility is also show-cased in a mix of traditional and less-well known styles and original compositions.”
Elisabeth Grace, Ottawa Citizen

"Confluens (Confluence) is the new release from Brazilian singer-songwriter, Luciano Lu. Residing in Ottawa, Lu’s chosen album title perfectly reflects the merging of the variety of musical styles that he has come into contact with through his travels."

"Lu’s Brazilian heritage is the musical foundation to his compositions, with reference to styles such as afoxé, xaxado and samba canção, but he departs into Moroccan traditions showing the migratory nature of his music. With just the right amount of Brazil, West and North Africa, and more global popular forms, this album provides the perfect musical accompaniment for any world music traveler."
Jenna Mackle Songlines UK

What Musicians are Saying...
“I can say that listening to the album Confluens brought back memories of a past where Brazilian music was at its best, a rarity nowadays… like a time enchanted by the likes of a Paulinho da Viola”
Eder O’Rocha, Master Percussionist (Mestre Ambrósio/Prego Batido), São Paulo

“Makes me feel happy, lively, enthusiastic, little jiggly” 
Emilio Portal, Musician Sound engineer, Sudbury ON

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